A positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document issued by the Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) which verifies that the job offered to a foreign national could not be filled by a Canadian worker. So, in most cases, if a Canadian employer wants to hire a temporary foreign worker, they must apply for an LMIA to the Canadian government.

The processing time for a standard LMIA approval is three to four months. Upon approval, a  positive LMIA allows the foreign worker to apply for a work permit, which is a legal document allowing them to work legally in the country.


An authorization from Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) and Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in hiring a Filipino worker.

Visa Assistance

We do assist our clients in securing in visas or entry permits to different countries.

When you book your international trip with Ajoc International Inc. we can help you with the following passport and visa services:

  • Passport Renewal
  • First-Time Passports
  • PRTD Application
  • Visa Application

Commissioner for Oaths in Alberta

Services Offered:

  • Administer Oaths / Affidavits / Solemn Declarations
  • Witness of Signatures
  • Change of Name Application
  • Common-Law Union Statutory Declaration
  • Single Status Declaration
  • Land Title Transfer
  • Commission on Forms & Declarations
  • Travel Document Statutory Declaration
  • Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Real Estate application for License and Registration
  • Any other document requires a signature from a Commissioner for Oaths
  • Passport Applications
  • Proof of Loss Documents
  • Witnessing Signatures - Any other document which requires Oath Commissioner Attestation

We charged $15.00/document. Special discount for multiple documents.

Personal Tax Preparer

Divorce -Alberta